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The Origins of the Tùs Collection

From Farm to Floor

Where our Tùs sheepskins come from

Tùs is the Scottish Gaelic word for "origin" or "source"

As we believe that sustainability begins at the source, we are now sourcing some of our raw skins directly from British farms and Scottish crofts to create fully traceable bark-tanned sheepskins.

Ethical farming practices

We’ve spent months researching and sourcing rare and heritage breeds from well-cared-for-flocks where the sheep are reared in harmony with their peaceful environment. Each of our suppliers has a fascinating story to tell; from regenerative farming to biodiversity championing and helping maintain otherwise ‘at risk’ breeds.

The power of circular economy

By directly connecting with producers, we’re adding value to small scale farming and to a part of the animal that is often wasted, building a circular economy that directly contributes to animal welfare and the communities that make all this possible.

Eco-tanned in Waternish

Our Tùs sheepskins are handcrafted with love and expertise, in our bark-tannery on the Isle of Skye where skills, tradition and style align. They are durable, beautiful and tread very, very, softly on the environment.

Experience the luxury, embrace sustainability

Transform your space, support ethical farming practices, and surround yourself with interior products that carry a story worth sharing. Our initial collection is small but perfectly formed.

For more information about our current suppliers, please click on the images below.