Top 2019 interior trends

January 14, 2019
Interior trends skyeskyns

New Year, new opportunities, new look? What’s coming up in 2019 and what will interior professionals and avid followers be focusing on?

The world of interiors isn’t quite as fickle as the fashion industry but there are always a few new (or not so new) “kids on the block” when it comes to home design and décor.

Key fixtures in 2019 include textures, layering, natural feel, colour and artisan crafts from around the world.

The Scandi look, whilst still popular, is being taken a step further to include more layers and comfort and more colours, patterns and accessories with a global feel. From a textured Scandi to the Maxi Scandi vibe already popular on Instagram w, this is the look for you if you are looking to achieve a modern style with plenty of natural fibres and cocooning. Sheepskins and hides fit beautifully into this style.

Continuing on this theme, global/nomad/world crafts, colours and patterns are a big hit this year. Think colourful patterns on rugs, cushions and in individual artefacts, again using layers and textures to add comfort. Cow hides would work well in this kind of interior.

The idea of natural materials and fibres is everywhere this year. Craftmanship and nature are at the heart of most of the 2019 interior trends. Think wood, leather, wool, rattan, earthenware, which can be paired up with cleaner, more modern lines or mixed into a more traditional cottage style. Needless to say, this is right up our street! Beautiful woollen blankets, soft sheepskins thrown over sofas, chairs or beds or by the fire, cushions everywhere for comfort…sounds lovely! Try adding vintage items to this design, vintage is another trend that’s not going away.

Texture is your key word here: one of the materials making a come-back is (crushed) velvet, with touches of brass and marble. This combination creates a very luxurious as well as tactile look. Retro is taking a step back to bring in more luxurious and more modern designs.

Your industrial accessories (lighting being a recent successful trend) are still in. Again think texture and colour contrasts.

Overall the palettes are what you make them but there seems to be a continuing shift toward more colours rather than paired-down whites. Blush hues seem destined to be as popular in interiors as they are on the catwalk this year but darker blues, ochres and golds are also very much on trend.

In 2019, think: comfort, layers, cocoons and adapt it to your style with lots of natural elements thrown in. Happy decorating!