This Spring, take a trip around Skye with Skyeskyns

Discover a new place to stay near Staffin, Bealach Uige Bothy.
Take a look around this beautiful interior, featuring Skyeskyns sheepskins.
Find out more about the woman behind this business and interior, Joanna MacKinnon.
Get some inspiration for your next trip to Skye or your home décor.
Skye has some very famous landmarks: the Cuillins, the Fairy Pools, the Old Man of Storr, the dinosaur footsteps at Staffin Beach.  Sometimes, it is worth taking a road slightly off the beaten track to get to enjoy the island in all its glory. Just a few minutes from the famous Staffin Beach lies the township of Clachan where Joanna MacKinnon and her husband recently built the Bealach Uige Bothy, a luxury self-catering cottage.  Joanna used to run a B&B from her beautifully renovated farmhouse but had plans for the Bothy drawn up a few years ago.  A couple of children and a busy life meant that the Bothy was put on hold until recently, opening late last year. Joanna has a wonderful eye for detail and style.  You can follow her gorgeous style on her Instagram feed: @bealach_uige-bothy Step into the Bothy and you will be welcomed by light and space.  All the windows have a wonderful view of Staffin Bay and Flodigarry Island in the distance, with views of the Quiraing and of the peaceful croft fields neighbouring the property. Inside every single detail has been carefully thought through.  Joanna has used vintage chic in a very contemporary and comfortable way, with a truly inviting interior.  You will just want to plop down on one of those gorgeous Scandinavian 60s-inspired armchairs and stare out of the window or admire the detail of the rooms around you.  From the curve-angled furniture, the Singer-base vanity unit, the stunning Habitat lightshades, the gorgeous rose-gold clothes hanger and vintage suitcases, the monochrome kitchen, and the quirky little touches such as the little blue type-writer in the entrance...there is always something beautiful to catch your eye. Joanna used some sumptuous sheepskins in the entrance hall, on the floor and on the armchairs to add a touch of comfort and luxury to the accommodation.  A large Hebridean brown fleece creates a textured contrast to the neatness of the bed, and cappuccino and white fleeces provide a cosy counterpoint on the contemporary grey armchairs.  With the addition of green plants and hints of Scottish style, the whole place is delightful. The perfect spot for a tranquil week on Skye, we highly recommend it! We asked Joanna a few quirky questions about her likes and dislikes to find out more about her: Creatively messy or professionally pristine? Creatively messy!! What was the last picture you took on your phone? It was off our amazing view towards The Quiraing with blue skies!! What would you do with an afternoon to yourself? Shop!! What’s your most loved and loathed food? Love - steak . Loathed - mutton!! When did you last shed a tear at a movie? Last week! I cry at everything sad or happy!! Who inspires you? So many people.  Thanks to the world of Instagram, I have found so many stylish people and homes. But my one to go to is a girl called Pati @patirobins.  I just love her and her home. NEXT WEEK: FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE NEW GENERATION REDESIGNING THE SLIGACHAN HOTEL Read our Discover Skyeskyns blog