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Join our raw sheepskin supplier network

Information for sheep breeders, crofters and farmers

If you keep coloured sheep we would love for you to be part of a new and exciting project at Skyeskyns.

We are looking to source skins directly from farmers, crofters or small holdings. Our aim is to create a fully traceable eco-tanned product, which completes the sheep farming cycle.


How it works


  • Prices vary between different breeds and we are happy to work with small numbers.
  • Courier cost of skins is covered and arranged by us.
  • The best time of year for skins is September to January, with a staple length of around 2 inches. From February, winter wool tends to fall off, leaving uneven patches of new growth wool showing.
  • For longer wool breed we are open to taking skins with fleece longer than this. Generally up to 2 years old.


To discuss further or join our skin supplier network, please contact us at [email protected] or call on 01470592237.

All you need to know

Instructions and legal documentation

skin in tannery

Salting Instructions Part 1

Please read carefully and contact us with any queries. Click HERE to view and download.

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Salting Instructions Part 2

Watch our short video on how best to SALT RAW SKINS


Animal Health Form

This form is required prior to dispatching raw skins. Click HERE to access and complete.

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Tannery Licence

A copy of our tannery licence for your records. Click HERE to view and download.