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Unique markings for one-of-a-kind fleeces

Donnetti Ruffer

Donnetti Ruffer is the name we give to sheepskin rugs with balanced, distinctive markings, often the result of cross breeding.  Each sheepskin is unique, with beautiful natural colouring combining shades of brown, cream and grey.  These colours are the most difficult to source due to the lack of breeds providing such tones. 

The Donnetti Ruffers look stunning on wooden or stone floors, bringing a touch of warmth and flair to your hearth and home.  Tucked into a chair or used as a throw on your sofa, the depth of pile will help you relax and feel wonderfully supported.  Fitting comfortably in a traditional or contemporary setting, these beautiful British sheepskin rugs, either tanned in the UK or Europe, will instantly add a feel-good factor to your home.

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