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Women's Hats

Sheepskin, wool, tweed, leather, our women's hats range is broad, classic and classy. From berets to romantic snow queen hats, from newsboy caps to beanies, there is a little hat for everyone. Made for Skyeskyns primary in Scotland and in the UK, as well as a Nepal-based fairtrade provider.


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  1. Sheepie Headband
  2. Mora Headband in Denim
  3. Berber Beanie

    Berber Beanie

    As low as £15.95
  5. Herdwick Sheep Beanie
  6. Langtang Beanie
  7. Kylemore Beanie
  8. Villarica Beanie
  9. Sheepie Beanie
  10. Seville Beanie
  11. Sierra Nevada Beanie (choice of colours)
  12. Hazy Sheep Bobble Hat
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20 Items

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