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Skye Seaglass Jewellery

A unique selection of jewellery handcrafted here on Skye by Rosie Morrison, Skye Seaglass, using seaglass and beads found on local beaches. 

Each item is a one off and unique.  Perfect gift or treat for someone who wants a beautiful distinctive style. 

Skye Seaglass Jewellery

Skye Seaglass Jewellery
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  1. Multi-Coloured Bird Pin Brooch

    Multi-Coloured Bird Pin Brooch

  2. Silver And Enamel Ripple Necklace

    Silver And Enamel Ripple Necklace

  3. Beaded Fish Shoal Necklace

    Beaded Fish Shoal Necklace

  4. Aquilegia Necklace

    Aquilegia Necklace

  5. Coloured Ammonite Earrings

    Coloured Ammonite Earrings

  6. Beaded Dolphin Earrings

    Beaded Dolphin Earrings

  7. Celtic Fish Bracelet

    Celtic Fish Bracelet

  8. Bronze Beaded Bangle

    Bronze Beaded Bangle