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Classic patterns, bold colours, innovative designs, our scarf selection is designed to be both stylish and comfortable, and above all warm!.  Our scarves come primary from Scottish markers and designers   with a passion for wool and sustainable fashion. Quality and beauty, all in one


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  1. Alloa Scarf in Arctic

    Alloa Scarf in Arctic

  2. Pioneer Snood in Nympth

    Pioneer Snood in Nympth

  3. Travertine Scarf

    Travertine Scarf

  4. Liberty Scarf in Satin

    Liberty Scarf in Satin

  5. Jura Scarf in Jasper

    Jura Scarf in Jasper

  6. Innes Scarf in Dewdrop

    Innes Scarf in Dewdrop

  7. Alloa Scarf in Brack Thorn

    Alloa Scarf in Brack Thorn

  8. Hebridean Woolhouse Scarf

    Hebridean Woolhouse Scarf