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Waternish Crofts

Where the Skyeskyns story began

Our family croft is where the story of Skyeskyns began. The whole business is rooted here in Waternish and was born from the idea of how to make use of the whole animal that was being raised for meat. In those days, skins from the island were being sent to landfill. Our tannery and showroom buildings are nestled into the Lochbay croft and the sheep graze around the fence lines.

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Our fields have expanded over the years. We also now run a croft in Hallin that has been managed in line with corncrake preservation guidelines so having the different areas to move the flock between means we can tread very softly on the land, preserving endangered habitats.

Ben and Jess inherited Clive’s flock of Hebridean sheep and now their own children love to help out on the crofts. It’s a family affair with the whole crew getting involved with the big events throughout the year from gathering to shearing. Wool shorn from the flock goes to Skye Weavers, in Glendale. Over the last few years we have experimented with crossing Herdwick tups with our Hebridean ewes to see what happens to the meat flavour and to the wool texture. Our Hebridean ewes are fantastic mothers as well as being very hardy and coping with the challenges of the Skye weather.


This is the first year that we have been able to get some of our own skins back from the abattoir to craft into finished sheepskins and we’re delighted to be offering a select few for sale to our Skyeskyns customers.

Why we love it

  • Our first Hebridean x Herdwick crosses to be used in the tannery.
  • Locally sourced so good for the planet.
  • A new chapter after 40 years of tanning.
  • Crofting in harmony with nature: practising what we preach.


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