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The Isle Mill

Creative Furnishing Fabric Made in Scotland

Their Story

Founded in 1783, the Macnaughton group is recognised as the foremost weaver and wholesaler of soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics in Scotland. Originating in Dumfriesshire starting with a humble four looms and a handful of local workers the family company soon grew and in the 1970’s the family business relocated to Aberdeenshire and diversified into different tartans and throws while still producing traditional tweeds.

With business flourishing, The Isle Mill expanded further in the late 1980’s into producing upholstery and soft furnishing fabrics, which precipitated into them setting up their mill in the highland town of Keith, where they remain today.

With an extensive range of furnishing fabrics, their showroom can be found at their headquarters in Perth. Using the beautiful surroundings of the highland countryside, The Isle Mill take their creative inspiration and produce the highest quality products to bring into your home.

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The Isle Mill Range At Skyeskyns

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