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The Inkpot

A Linconshire farm with a passion for the planet

The Inkpot is certified organic and a demonstration permaculture and regenerative agriculture farm.

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The Inkpot is 100 acres including a 50 acre solar panel field. It has been home to Hannah Thorogood and family since September 2010 and since that time much observing and designing has gone on.

Hannah has taken the farm from a depleted, compacted, toxic arable field into the diverse, abundant farm it is today. Demonstrating permaculture, regenerative agriculture and producing nationally award winning food. Furthermore, she has also planted 3000 trees in shelter belts.

She has an intentionally mixed flock of interesting colours and patterns so although we have nearly 200 sheep they are all individuals with names and Hannah can tell at a glance who they are and their family trees. It’s a wonderful way to work with the sheep.

Why we love it

  • A wonderful approach to farm regeneration, including the use of permaculture.
  • Fantastic environmental credentials.
  • A mixed breed flock with lots of interesting colours is right up our street!

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