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I’ve just taken delivery of a double sheepskin rug which I’ve bought as a Christmas gift. Seriously quick delivery, incredibly simple ordering process, brilliant website, and an absolutely top-notch, quality product. You guys have even gift wrapped it. My mum’s going to love it!

I'll definitely be recommending Skyeskyns to family and friends, and won’t hesitate to order from you again.

 Malcolm Triggs, email 

“Fascinating for all ages”

We were given a free guided tour of the tannery. It was very interesting to see the whole process of turning the sheepskins into luxurious sheepskin rugs. The guide answered all questions and then we looked at the finished rugs up stairs. The rugs were beautiful and a reasonable price. There were also slippers, hats and gloves etc. iI was surprised at the variety in the colours, shapes and sizes...something for everyone. If you did not buy anything it is still a worthwhile visit and no one pushed you to buy. 

Gill T, Taunton, Tripadvisor

Great place to visit, really interesting, and the rugs are just lovely. Fantastic quality.

Kenneth McCulloch, Facebook

Nice little tour with no hard sell. The product is lovely and we did buy as we felt it represented great value for money. Recommended.

Kate C, Berlin, Tripadvisor

Excellent, I wholeheartedly recommend this company, on first call they discussed all their products, emailed their stock. It wasn't quite what I wanted so they informed me I would have to wait to get the look of the rug I wanted. I was happy to wait but wondered if they would get in touch and not think I was just wasting their time. How wrong was I. Skyeskyns got in touch sent me a photo of what I wanted. Called them back bought it and it was shipped in 2 days. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Skyeskyns rug. Absolutely fabulous. Very happy. 5* Service, 5* Communications, very friendly staff.  If you want to buy Sheepskin Rugs, which are excellent quality and excellent service these are the people to go to.

Jaine Lunn, Google

Loved this place! Two of your rugs now sit in our bedroom in Seattle, WA.

Sean Harris, Facebook

The most beautiful sheepskin rugs of which, I now have several. Most excellent tour of the tannery - The staff are lovely people who are truly dedicated and care for the business. Skyeskyns is a MUST SEE.


Ila Griffiths, Facebook 

My brother and I are regular visitors in Scotland, especially Skye. Your beautiful rugs can be seen all over our living and dining rooms. Now we both have a new car and thought it would be nice and comfortable to have rugs on the seats. So we bought them online in your shop and here is the result. Not as spectacular as the old Bentley but we love it.

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Barbara Hofer, Facebook

This is one of the 5 star visitor attractions on the Visit Scotland website and well worth a visit. This alone made us want to visit, we were met with great staff and had a lovely tour of the downstairs and everything was explained in a very professional manner and all questions answered and believe me my friend Jackie asked a few, after the tour it made us realise how much work goes into the cleaning and tanning of the skins and then to go upstairs and find out how cheap they were, there were a brilliant choice of colours and not just skins, much much more, I would recommend a visit here, we came away with 2 rugs which now grace my front room, will certainly go back when I'm next on the Island.

zargessa, Tripadvisor 

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