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A family croft in the Outer Hebrides

Sunhill 'Cnoc na Grèine' is a family run croft on the Isle of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides.

They rear Hebridean sheep, a primitive Norse breed brought to the islands by the Vikings. 

Sunhill Croft 1
Sunhill Croft 2
Sunhill Croft 3

At Sunhill, they allow our Hebridean sheep to mature slowly. They are reared on the croft and then transported by boat to outlying islands in the Sound of Harris.

By this stage, the sheep have foraged on our croft grassland, shore seaweed and island heather. Living surrounded by wilderness and nature, the crofters Meg and Andrew are constantly reminded of their environmental responsibilities. Their croft practice, therefore, aspires to the best in animal husbandry and careful consideration of their beautiful island ecology.

Why we love it

  • Focus on animal husbandry
  • Sheep farming in tune with nature and the local environment.
  • Native breeds producing gorgeous wool with the Birlin Yarn company and finally sheepskins.

Sunhill Croft 4
Sunhill Croft 5
Sunhill Croft 6