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A family business established in 1983, Skyeskyns' tanning process has been created to reflect the remoteness of its Highland location and surrounding crofting community.

Today, visitors are transported back in time to witness how real sheepskins are made using time honoured methods of leather making - one of the oldest crafts known to man.

Here you can enjoy a free guided tour of our workshop where you will see all the traditional implements used by the Tanner: the beam, paddles, racks and buffing wheel, horse and iron as well as the lengthy hand finishing processes, which help to create the world famous Highland hand-combed fleece, which is exclusive to Skyeskyns.

After your tour why not visit our showroom and browse through our comprehensive range of luxurious fleeces and quality leather goods. You’ll find the perfect place too for that exclusive and lasting keepsake of your visit to the magical Isle of Skye.

Visit Us

If you enjoy your virtual visit to Skyeskyns - then please visit us for real: you will be assured of one of the warmest welcomes in the Highlands!

Open daily (Mon - Sun) from:

9.00am to 6.00pm from April - October

9.30am to 5.30pm from November - March

Please note that workshop tours are not available during the half hour before closing.


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