Real Sheepskin Association - 20th anniversary

Jessica and Clive Hartwell, representing Skyeskyns and Scotland, together with 76 Members and distinguished guests attended the Reception and Lunch to mark the Real Sheepskin Association's formation in 1988. The gathering was held in the magnificent setting of the Leathersellers' Company in the heart of the City of London on Thursday 19th June.

Accompanied by the Ebano String Trio, graduates from the Trinity College of Music, Sheepskin Industry Awards for Design were presented to Fashion Designer Ann Louise Roswald and acclaimed Furniture Designer, Lucas Opalinski. A sheepskin showcase of favourite sheepskin items was created by Sheepskin Designer, Karl Donoghue for the occasion with contributions from RSA Members and invited figures like Hilary Alexander, celebrated Fashion Director of the Daily Telegraph. Afterwards, guests delighted in the Herdwick Mutton provided by Farmer Sharp and the sheep cheeses from Neil's Yard Dairy impeccably served, whilst entranced by the fable of "Lily the Goat" as told by the RSA's keynote speaker, Professor Basil Kardasis.

Photographed here, the tanners present at the gathering, many now retired. Clive Hartwell, second from right, front.


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