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Well, we haven’t written anything on the Latest News for a while now but this week we do have a few things to crow about. Five of our natural coloured rugs have been selected for the Prince’s Foundation Arts and Crafts Eco House at the Ideal Home show in Glasgow.

They tone in beautifully with the theme of the house and help to enhance its natural feel. Keep your eye on our Facebook page for some pictures of the rugs in-situ. Also at the Ideal Home Show we have a Donnetti Ruffer Octo in the Amabile pavilion. This forest lodge themed area has been designed by the renowned Scottish interior designer John Amabile and we are thrilled that he has chosen one of our pieces for his pavilion. If that wasn’t enough in the same week we have the Scottish showing of the DIY SOS programme the BBC filmed displaying several of our rugs in the final design. If you missed it on BBC Scotland on Wednesday (6th June) at 9pm then there may be the opportunity to play rug spotting on i-player. Even though we are biased the designer has used them to fantastic effect both in the house and it the ‘shed’ ( an outdoor guest room and retreat).

The North West of Scotland and the outer isles have, since the end of March, had some stunning weather, so much so that we are beginning to fear that we may join the southeast in drought conditions and the dreaded hosepipe ban, we’re not kidding. We have, apart from 1 day, had no significant rain, and April had less than half the long term average with May only at 2/3rds.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the showroom here on Skye, now might be the time to do it with the weather in your favour. We have over the winter made some significant changes to the showroom and have increased our range of clothing with some exciting sheepskin fashion clothing and some handbags made for us by Owen Barry. We also have some stunning knitwear from Eribé, some of which is hand knitted on the outer isles and also their ecology range made from undyed Shetland wool. From fleece to garment and all made on the islands, a true example of sustainability, and the reduction of carbon footprint. Which brings me back to Prince Charles and the Prince’s Foundation Eco house with its use of natural materials throughout, including our modest contribution.


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