Grand Designs Loves Wool

This innovative design was created for the Campaign for Wool to convey the amazing versatility of real wool. It is part of a major promotion led by HRH The Prince of Wales to highlight the importance of wool and sheep to our textile industry and to the countryside.

The aim of the huge 3D design build was to offer a stop and look attraction with a touch and feel response. Rather like the Skyeskyns stand L27 across the walkway at the Grand Designs exhibition. Dom here, from our stand, has brought across a double Jacob and Cappuccino to become part of the living sculpture and to demonstrate that all the reasons to choose wool are also the reasons to choose our sheepskins:

  • Natural - grown on sheep that graze freely in the countryside
  • Sustainable – an annually renewable fibre and therefore a naturally replenished resource
  • Warm – its insulating properties keep you warm and cosy in the coldest conditions
  • Cool - a fibre that stays cool so adapts to suit its environment or its wearer
  • Comfortable – its flexible, tactile nature makes it comfortable to wear or feel underfoot
  • Versatile- endless suitability for many applictions from fashion to floors to insulation…
  • Naturally fire-retardant - resists fire and does not melt, drip or emit noxious fumes
  • Biodegradable – an asset to world as eco agenda grows
  • Durable – withstands wear and tear over long period
  • Long-lasting appearance - looks beautiful for many years
  • Natural bounce-back – on floor has ability to resist flattening, resists creases in garments
  • Quality and style - seen by world’s fashion and interiors’ champions as superior to other fibres
  • Safe and slip free - perfect flooring for the home, protecting young or elderly
  • Carbon efficient – wool as insulator protects against heat loss and need for heating
  • Non allergenic - helps prevent floating dust



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