Our Story

Skyeskyns since 1983

Skyeskyns Rugs

Skyeskyns, a family business started by husband and wife Clive and Lydia Hartwell on their croft in Waternish in the beautiful northwest corner of the Isle of Skye, was established in 1983.  It is still a family business today with the second generation playing an increasing role in the development of the business.  For over 30 years we have been turning Scottish lambskin into natural, long lasting rugs.  Creating hand crafted leather to the highest standard in one of the few woolskin tanneries in the UK and the only one of commercial scale in Scotland. Lambskins have always been a by-product of UK farming where we have the highest regulations for animal welfare and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our products are both ethical and high quality. Lambskins would otherwise be considered waste with the associated costs for disposal.  We are proud that our products are able to support British farmers in this way.  The raw materials for our rugs are carefully hand selected to ensure that we only have the best quality British lambskins expertly tanned to make into our rugs and associated products.  

Skyeskyns has always been passionate about working with British manufacturers and all but a very few of our range are made in the UK.  Then only when we are unable to find a Scottish or UK supplier that meets our exacting standards.  Being a producer of fine quality woolskin leather gives us a unique insight into the quality of others products and we exercise that keen eye when selecting products to extend our range.


What sets us apart?

  • Premium quality British sheepskin, tanned here in the UK  - We're one of two commercial tanneries making woolskin and we are doing it by hand here in Scotland
  • Machine washable - Our sheepskins are specially tanned so you can wash most of  them in a machine  to keep them looking as good as new
  • Refurbishment – As we are a maker we offer a refurbishment service to help keep your sheepskin in tip top condition

Skyeskyns Accessories

The majority of our clothing and accessories is made in the UK.  Our woollens are all from Scotland by manufacturers such as; Johnstons of Elgin for our cashmere and wool blends, Eribe for our fine lambs wool, Harleys for a range of knits supplemented by accessories by Green Grove weavers.  Whilst our Sheepskin comes from manufacturers such as; Owen Barry in Somerset for their beautifully hand crafted coats, gilets and handbags. Sheepskin Slippers from Danecraft, and Litson Leather and boots from Celtic and Co.  All of our sourcing decisions are driven by the desire to have the smallest environmental impact whilst giving as much support as possible to the British manufacturing industry.

Our in-depth knowledge coupled with the expertise of our manufacturers allows you to benefit from products handcrafted for generations.