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Tùs: fully traceable sheepskins

Our Tùs Collection sheepskins are very special: Tùs is the Scottish gaelic word for source or origin. These sheepskins have been carefully selected from British farms who have a passion for rare breeds, sustainable farming and the environment, and are tanned right here in our tannery on Skye. They are beautiful, entirely natural and close the loop on the sheep farming cycle, so it is a truly farm-to-floor product. You can be assured of animal welfare and provenance with each one. All unique, durable and in harmony with nature.

Tùs: fully traceable sheepskins

Tùs: fully traceable sheepskins
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From the Farm

Handcrafted Luxury with a conscience

Our Tùs Collection: From Farm to Floor

Our Tùs sheepskins are all about their origin: they are sourced directly from selected British farms and crofts, ensuring high standard of animal welfare and full traceability. We tan all our sheepskins with tree bark for an entirely natural product.

  •  100% hand crafted on the Isle of Skye
  •  Ethically and carefully sourced
  •  Treading Softly