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Owen Barry

Traditional and British made since 1948

Their Story

Founded in 1948 from their traditional workshop in Street, Somerset, Owen Barry have been producing sheepskin and leather products for over 70 years.

Five generations of the family have been involved with leather tanning and manufacturing. They pride themselves on being a family owned and ethically run business; upholding a philosophy of British heritage and manufacturing, keeping these traditional handcrafting skills flourishing alongside the fast-paced evolution of technology today.

Many generations of the Barry family have been involved with the tanning and processing of leather and sheepskin dating back to the mid 1800s. Great grandfather (Walter) & grandmother (Amy) set up their own tannery in a small village in Wiltshire, their sons carried on that tradition moving to a larger tannery in Street Somerset, where they still manufacture today. All of the skins they use are 100% a bi-product of the food industry, the animals are farmed carefully for their meat. This is in line with what Skyeskyns has always been about.

Today, Cindi and Chas (mother and daughter duo) are at the helm of the business; being custodians, ensuring the passage of specialist knowledge to both the next generation of craftspeople and discerning clients.

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Owen Barry Range At Skyeskyns

Owen Barry produce a wide range of goods and Skyeskyns have stocked much of their range over the years including sumptuous sheepskin coats and gilets, bags and wallets, hats and gloves. They also produce our beanbags (large and sumo) with sheepskins from Devonia.