Classic wool, tweed and leather


Smart sheepskin and leather jackets, pure British wool jumpers and outdoor vests, elegant tweed caps, beautiful leather belts and hats, stylish sheepskin gloves and woollen scarves, our meanswear selection has it all. Our menswear is sourced ethically and sustainably, predominantly from UK suppliers, most small family firms who maintain an ethos of quality craftmanship.  Our clothing and men's accessories combine style and durability, classic and timeless pieces with a modern edge. 

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  1. Harvey Sheepskin Gilet Brown

    Harvey Sheepskin Gilet Brown

    As low as £290.00
  2. Harris Tweed Flat Cap (Choice of Colours)
  3. Newsboy Tweed Cap (choice of colours)
  4. Skyeskyns Hebridean Hat
  5. Sheepskin Mule Slippers Brown (UK 7-12)
  6. Leather Flying Jacket  - Cream Wool Collar
  7. Hebridean Woolhouse Scarf
  8. Hebridean Woolhouse Hat
  9. Hebridean Woolhouse Cap
  10. Men's Sheepskin Gloves in Black or Brown
  11. Handmade Leather Belt (choice of three colours)
  12. Cowboy Hat Brown

    Cowboy Hat Brown

    As low as £39.00
Grid List

26 Items

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