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Linicro Larder

A considerate croft in the North of Skye

Ivor works in conjunction with his sons Jonathan and Euan. They have 30 acres in Kilmuir once known as the Granary of Skye. Linicro was once notable for the growing of flax.

They try to work with nature. They have planted 5 acres of mixed woodland and protected the water courses for wildlife. They have just sown 2 acres of mixed herbs (chicory and plantain) clover and grass.

The herbs, as well as increasing habitat diversity, are deep rooted and improve soil structure. They also have anthelmintic properties and should help to reduce their dependence on wormers. The clover fixes nitrogen. The lambs are currently finished on grass alone.

Why we love it

  • Minimal miles to our tannery
  • Working with nature and consideration for fauna and flora
  • Focus on habitat diversity.