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Kenmore and Fearnamore Crofts

Regenerative and responsible crofting on the Applecross Peninsula

The Maxwell crofts are situated on the Applecross peninsula, in two townships. Kenmore looks North East across Loch Torridon to the mountains, whilst Fearnamore looks west across the Inner Sound To Rona, Skye and the outer Isles. .

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At first glance most see it as inhospitable and barren, but spend a few years working the land and you start to see the way in which it all works together, providing many things that are the staples of life. None more so than the hardy sheep that come from a collective group known as North European Short Tailed breeds. This includes the Gotland and Shetland sheep breeds which we keep. Our aim is to show that responsible and regenerative management of the environment is not just possible but beneficial.,/p>

One of our long term goals is to entice the Corn Bunting back to our area through growing small areas of oats which are fed to the sheep in winter and allowing areas of grass to to remain ungrazed and uncut as late as possible before making hay, which we feed to our Shetland cattle calves which are housed in traditional stone byres over their first winter.


Profit is not our main motivation, but bills need to be paid, so being able to utilise every part of the animal, like our skins as well as the meat, allows us to keep native minority breeds which are the cornerstone of our whole crofting way of life.