Pet Mat Medium Brown
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Pet Mat Medium Brown


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Measuring approximately 60cm x 50cm, Skyeskyns middle-sized pet mat is made from the bottom half of the fleece.

Natural wool is both absorbent and washable, so even when your pet is caught in the rain, they will begin to warm as soon as they snuggle into their sheepskin.  Fleece will take up the moisture and reflect the animal’s body heat keeping them dry and cosy.  Tucked into a bed or basket, placed beside the fire, or taken with you when visiting friends, pet mats are as versatile as they are portable. 

Our brown pet mats range in colour from the deep, rich and dark through to the lighter, softer hues.  Each lambskin is individual and generally even in colour.

Some may have a small blemish or be misshapen in some way, but we guarantee that your pet, caring only for comfort and not for style, will have no complaints!  Fleece bedding can protect some breeds prone to arthritis and help them manage without the disease for longer. 

Wool also has natural antibacterial properties which helps keep those doggy smells at bay.  Machine washable at 30’c.

Please note that our pet mats are what are called "seconds", sheepskins that would not otherwise meet our quality standard for size or no blemishes.  They can come in a variety of shapes and pile depth.  Sizes and thickness will vary.  

If you wish to specify requirements of size and pile, please do so in the Comments box on the checkout screen

Delivery & Returns

We use Royal Mail and Parcel Force and the delivery expectation from here to anywhere in the UK is 3 to 5 days and we usually dispatch within 1 to 2 days of receiving your order. If your order is going overseas most of Europe is the same as the UK but if you are further afield it will be 7 to 10 working days. If you require more information please contact us.

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