Jacob Sexto 190x140cms
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Jacob Sexto 190x140cms Sheepskin Rug


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At Skyeskyns we can make a combination, colour and size of natural shaped rug to suit your specifications.  This distinctive Jacobs sexto benefits from six lambskins, resplendent with the famous dark brown and cream markings, sewn together to retain the natural shape around the periphery.  Jacobs rugs can be dominant in brown or white according to your choice.  All lambskins are naturally coloured and will therefore make an entirely individual rug.  The Jacobs rug make a stunning centrepiece and looks particularly attractive in a contemporary setting.  A beautiful complement to any room or entrance hall, a Jacob sexto will be admired wherever you place it in your home.  These lambskins take their name from Jacob, the Biblical character in the Old Testament who, realising their popularity, selectively bred them to trade.  Over the following thousands of years, the breed spread throughout North Africa and Europe, reaching Britain during the reign of Elizabeth I.  The Jacobs’ fortune waned in Britain after the First World War, and the Jacob Sheep Society was formed in 1969 to ensure their preservation.

Care: machine wash wool cycle at 30’c with our Woolly Wash.  Comb back to perfection when dry with our Slicker Brush.  Also see details of our platinum and gold refurbishment service.

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