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HERDWICK Large Sheepskin Rug


This item is currently unavailable.

Skyeskyns are proud to offer a wide variety of different fleeces, in a range of sizes to suit all tastes. Our rare-breed rugs are particularly popular, and the Herdwick one of the most distinctive among them.

An ancient, hardy breed most prolific in the Lake District, the Herdwick’s coat is a blend of dark, steely greys, combined with lighter, misty tones and splashes of white. It makes a spectacular rug and will suit the contemporary fashion for minimalist, muted greys perfectly. This is a slow-growing hill-farmed breed and this is reflected in the rougher feel of the fleeces.  What it lacks in softness, it makes up for in durability. 

The soft, tanned leather backs on all our fleeces prevents rugs from slipping on any surface. Ideal on a plain carpeted, stone or wooden floor, the Herdwick fleece rug will look outstanding in a living room, bedroom or entrance hall. Equally, tucked into a chair or placed on a sofa, it will provide stylish comfort and support. The Herdwick breed dates back to the 12th Century. Its durability is reflected in the quality of the fleece, which will continue to look beautiful - wherever you choose to place it - for many years.

Please state any preference for particular markings with you order. We will do our best to choose the perfect match for you.

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We use Royal Mail and Parcel Force and the delivery expectation from here to anywhere in the UK is 3 to 5 days and we usually dispatch within 1 to 2 days of receiving your order. If your order is going overseas most of Europe is the same as the UK but if you are further afield it will be 7 to 10 working days. If you require more information please contact us.