Delivery Information

Our parcel's journey


Our Philosophy

Whilst we don’t aim to make a profit out of picking, packing and posting your order, we also don’t want to disadvantage those who have made the long trek to visit us here on the Waternish peninsula by adding postage as a hidden charge into the cost of all the items that we sell.
The postage cost is calculated by the weight, volume and destination hence why there is no postage cost table. The cost for delivery will be displayed after you have entered your address but before you have been transferred to our payment partner.

The post and packing charge covers the cost of processing, packaging, checking and finally delivering your goods. Every order we despatch is processed; the products then have to be picked from the showroom and checked for quality; the goods are then packaged efficiently to ensure they arrive at their destination in pristine condition before finally being despatched. As you can imagine, the cost of this process and the materials used is far in excess of the postage and packing that we charge. 

Who we Use

We use Royal Mail and Parcel Force and the delivery expectation from here to anywhere in the UK is 3 to 5 days and we usually dispatch within 1 to 2 days of receiving your order. If your order is going overseas most of Europe is the same as the UK but if you are further afield it will be 7 to 10 working days. If you require more information please contact us.


If orders don't arrive

Royal Mail usually provides us with an excellent service with almost all items arriving within 3 to 5 days from leaving us here on Skye. occasionally they do lose parcels and they do advise us that it can take up to 14 working days (Monday to Friday excluding holidays) for an item to arrive.

Parcel Force offer a tracked service throughout most of Europe, North America and Australia.

If an order doesn't arrive we do ask our customers to wait 7 working days before we dispatch a duplicate order. We rarely find that late deliveries are made after this and the item is likely to be truly 'lost in the post'. We ask our customers to contact us to arrange return of one of the orders at our expense if both do arrive. If the original order doesn't arrive at the 14 day mark please let us know and we will start a claim with Royal Mail or Parcel Force.  We do ask that when they make contact, you return the paperwork promptly to expedite the claim. We reserve the right to charge for the duplicate order if the original is delivered and not returned or the paperwork is not returned to enable us to make a claim for non-delivery.

*Please note that we have no control over local customs authorities and cannot be held responsible should they wish to confiscate any particular items, delay shipment or charge import duty.



We have been shipping to the EU for many years and hope to continue serving our customers there for years to come.
We offer VAT free shipping throughout the EU, which is equivalent to a 16.6% discount on the listed price.  This will be calculated at checkout when you enter the delivery address.  Please note that, at the point of delivery, you may be required to pay in-country VAT and courier handling charges by your local delivery or postal service.  Please be aware that there may be some delays in parcel delivery due to customs handling.
Thank you for your patience and for shopping with our small business! 


          Czech Republic  
    Belgium     Austria  
    Denmark   Greece Hungary Estonia
    France   Italy Poland Latvia
    Germany   Spain Slovakia Croatia
    Luxembourg   Portugal Slovenia Malta
  UK Netherlands Eire Corsica Sweden Romania
0-£80 3.00 17.60 18.90 22.00 30.80 57.20
£80.01-£150 6.00 17.60 18.90 22.00 30.80 57.20
£150.01-£250 8.00 25.00 25.00 39.00 55.00 71.50
£250.01-£600+ 10.00 30.00 30.00 42.00 58.00 90.00
Big and Bulky 15.00 35.20 38.72 44.00 61.60 114.40
          Hong Kong  
      Switzerland   Taiwan  
    Norway USA Australia Thailand  
  Ch. Islands Canaries Canada N. Zealand UAE  
Up to £100 15.90 23.10 33.30 41.60 60.00  
Less VAT 13.25 19.25 27.75 34.67 50.00  
Over £100 27.60 34.40 65.30 65.90 82.40  
Less VAT 23.00 28.67 54.42 54.92 68.67  
Big and Bulky 50.70 74.00 112.50 145.00 164.80  
Less VAT 42.25 61.67 93.75 120.83 137.33  
REST of the WORLD               
Azores     Indonesia     Argentina    
Balearic Islands £79.70   Korea     Bahrain    
Madeira     Malaysia     Bangladesh    
Sardinia     Phillipines £96.97   Barbados    
Sicily     Singapore     Bermuda    
      Thailand     Brazil    
Turkey £85.13    ------     Egypt £109.56  
      Cambodia     Kenya    
Andora     Christmas Islands     Kuwait    
Vatican City £88.45   Cook Islands     Mexico    
Gibraltar     East Timor     Nigeria    
Malta     Fiji     Oman    
 ------     French Polynesia     Pakistan    
Russia £150.80   Guam     Qatar    
 ------     Mongolia     Saudi Arabia    
Macau     Nauru £164.35   Sri Lanka    
Brunei     New Caledonia      ------    
Laos £111.22   NZ Islands     Afghanistan    
Myanmar     Norfolk Islands     Algeria    
Vietnam     Papua New Guinea   Angola    
 ------     Samoa     Bahamas    
Armenia     Solomon Islands     Belize    
Cape Verde     Tonga     Benin    
Faroe Islands £84.35   Tuvulu     Bolivia     
Georgia     Vanuatu     Botswana    
Greenland     Wake Islands     Cameroon    
      Western Samoa     Chad    
            Colombia £200  
            Dominican Republic  
            Ivory Coast