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Britain's oldest established sheepskin tannery

Their Story

Devonia is Britain's oldest established sheepskin tannery that still employ traditional processing techniques. These are very similar to the methods we use at Skyeskyns, just on a larger scale. However, unlike us, they still use a mineral (chrome) tanning process.

British-sourced Lambskins are tanned to produce luxurious sheepskin rugs for individual floor coverings and other sheepskin products, some for further manufacturing into various sheepskin goods.

Devonia sheepskins have been produced in the small town of Buckfastleigh on the edge of Dartmoor, in Devon, for some 200 years. The combination of traditional processing techniques handed down over the years to the current highly skilled craftsmen, and the use of the local lambskins makes the Devonia sheepskin a unique and sought after product. This is still a small company but it is the largest commercial sheepskin tannery in the UK.

Devonia At Skyeskyns

Devonia produce a wide range of sheepskins for us, so we can supplement our range of British fleeces to keep up with the ever growing demand. They also sew our mosaics and larger rugs, unless those are produced in-house by our seamstresses.