Our Premium Range: the Mimosa Collection

Our premium range includes the best sheepskins you can find, the complete one-offs and most stunning beauties we can find.

This includes our mimosa Collection sheepskins.  These are Scottish sheepskins rugs and throws, hand-tanned in small, limited edition batches in our tannery, the very heart of our family business.  Our highly skilled craftsmen and women use mimosa or tree bark tanning to create incredibly soft, high quality leather in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. We are proud to be working with nature in such a low impact and beautiful way.


Made by nature, enhanced by Skyeskyns. By using mimosa (or tree bark) tanning to tan our sheepskins, we are using an ancient, hand crafted and natural process to produce our most beautiful sheepskins to date.  Ultimately, everything produced within the tanning process will be compostable and spread back onto our own croft, supported, in the future, by a series of reed beds.

The skins we tan here at Skyeskyns all come from either our own homebred sheep or from other Scottish sheep farms, minimising travel.

The result is a range of beautiful Highland sheepskins, made on Skye with care and passion, in traditional colours of whites and browns as well as rare breeds.  Pick yours today.