So, winter has arrived and with it, harsher colder weather, wind and rain which can cause havoc on your skin, whether it's delicate or not. So here are a few no-nonsense tips to keeping your skin nice and soft this season:

1. Wash in lukewarm water as hot water can strip the oils from the skin

2. Moisturize immediately afterwards washing to seal the dampness into the skin.

3. Protect your skin with gloves and scarves and don't forget winter sun can be harsh too: wear sunscreen

4. Drink water hot or old, avoiding too much caffeine

5. Put moisturiser on overnight, not forgetting hands, feet, elbows and knees

6. Exfoliate your face AND your hands regularly

7. Avoid toxins and irritants, winter skin is more fragile. 

8. Hydrate from the inside out, drinking plenty and eating water-laden fruit and vegetables.

TOP TIP: if you're thinking "I haven't got time for all of this", drink plenty water (hot water is good too) and moisturise: the two things that will make the biggest difference without too much hassle.

Make your winter skin glow from head to toe...

A natural way to look after your skin

Our Merino Lanolin Skin Care range, which comes from New Zealand, is made with natural products and designed to hydrate the skin, protect it and prevent damage and ageing. 

Lanolin is not greasy and a very effective natural moisturiser, making it ideal to use across all ages, from breastfeeding mums and younger children to people with delicate or very dry skin or active people.  

Enjoy a soft and safe winter!