Why Sheepskin? Nursery Décor

August 21, 2015

Sheepskin has to be one of the most versatile interior products in the interior design world.  The natural colouration of a Skyeskyns sheepskin will blend in with bright and neutral colours alike.  Hence why it is such a popular choice for the nursery where décor often only lasts a couple of years.                                                  

The above nursery was designed by Lori Gentile interior designer from California.  Her use of a neutral colour palate has softened the room to provide a warm and soothing atmosphere for parent and child.  A safe and snug place for playing, and relaxing.                                                                      


Sheepskin is often used as support on a chair in such a room as a nursery, or bedroom.  It comforts the user by creating an air pocket between itself and the body.  This prevents over heating when sitting in a position for long periods of time; ideal for the nursing mother.                               

 We understand that babies and infants can have little ‘accidents’ from time to time. Skyeskyns sheepskins are machine washable at 30°c.  Larger multiple and exclusive designer Mosaics can be spot washed using a sponge, or refurbished by Skyeskyns; https://www.skyeskyns.co.uk/browse/q-refurb/

 Norse sheepskin on a bedroom chair

If you want to find out more about using sheepskin for your baby see our last blog; https://www.skyeskyns.co.uk/skyeskyns/blog/why-sheepskin-baby-care


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