Why Sheepskin? Baby Care

July 23, 2018

For centuries sheepskin and hide has been used as a form of baby care. The use of natural materials as opposed to synthetic alternatives for care and wellbeing of infants is once again becoming popular. In a world where we worry about the ethics and safety of materials that we use safety regulations are as important in the use of natural fibres, in comparison to synthetic. For this reason we are seeing an increase in the number of parents using our treated baby sheepskins in; cots, prams, strollers, and car seats.

Baby specific sheepskins are made from Merino pelts giving them a light wool; available in the most common short cropped wool, or a longer wool alternative. During the tanning and finishing process, these sheepskin are treated to prevent fibre loss. Merino treated sheepskins are hypoallergenic due to the inability to hold dust, dirt, or bacteria. Wool is also naturally a fire retardant material. This can put a parent’s mind at ease whilst baby, or infant sleeps snuggled into a sheepskin.


Using Merino lambskin for babies originated in New Zealand and Australia, becoming widespread for baby care due to the natural properties of wool.  Sheepskin will regulate heat keeping infants cool in summer, and cosy during the winter months. It is extremely absorbent, many parents lie on the sheepskin before the birth of their baby. This allows the unique smell of the expectant parent to absorb into the skin. In turn, this soothes the child encouraging a good night’s sleep. Any parent knows this cannot be a bad thing!

The use of sheepskin for your baby can ensure that the child is dry, and comfortable at all times. Washing can be carried out up to a temperature of 40°c – a necessity when small babies are concerned! Many parents give Skyeskyns feedback on the use of baby sheepskins. The general consensus is that they are a must have if you are a lover of a good night’s sleep. We have also been told that they are an ideal tool for taking baby to unfamiliar places for example; on holiday. Sheepskins giving the comfort of home where ever you are.



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