Because we don't just spend our lives at work and because the Skyeskyns team has got a LOT of stories to tell (they've been and are still going places!), we thought we'd share little interviews we've done with some of the fantastic people who make Skyeskyns what it is, every day.

Our first guinea pig...erm, oops...interviewee is Nikki.

Nikki manages the YURTea&Coffee and will also manage the coffee space in our new Portree shop. That beautiful cup of coffee image below, that's the sort of coffee art she can produce. Nikki also joined the guiding and sales team at Skyeskyns over the winter when the yurt is packed away. Nikki is about to head to Nepal for a couple of months, volunteering with Action Overseas, part of the Apostolic Church Mission.

Latte art, Yurtea&coffee, skyeskyns, skye

Here is what she told us when we asked her (nicely of course) a few questions about her and what she's looking forward to in 2019.

What would say is the best thing about you?  

I'm good at making coffee!! (NDLR: we concur!). I'm pretty adaptable, a good organiser. My friends would probably say the best thing about me is my loyalty.

What would you change about you if you could?

I wish I wouldn’t eat all the biscuits/chocolates/cakes we always seem to have here!

What makes you tick?

I'm a free spirit: I like to travel and I'm not too tied down by materialism.  I'm definitely about the experience rather than material things.I am also quite entrepreneurial: I love looking at what makes a business work or not work. For instance, opening the new shop: that's totally my thing and it's something I have experience of, as I've already overseen the opening of two café premises. I'm really interested in social enterprise and we are hoping to develop this through the Yurt and the business as a whole this year.

What do you need to be happy at work?

I work well under pressure, I love a challenge and I hate being bored! I have to busy and then I'm happy.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

My trip to Nepal from January to March (NDLR: Nikki is leaving later this week) where I will be working as a volunteer and I can't wait to see where that takes me in the longer run in missionary/voluntary terms.  My last trip was to Bolivia about 4 years ago, so it's high time I got travelling again.

What about when you come back to Skye?

I'm looking forward to making the Yurt work even better and keep growing it and developing the catering part of the business. I can't wait to get back into catering!!!