It seems at this time of year many of us are getting back into looking after our bodies.  For some it’s trying to shift some extra pounds gained over the festive period, whilst others are simply striving to feel better in themselves.  In 2016 the variety of classes and techniques on offer to do so is vast. One of the latest practices that has a number of celebrity advocates is  Kundalini Yoga or ‘the yoga of awareness’ which focuses on meditation;  developed in the 1960’s, it has become popular in recent years as people try to break away from excessive use of technology and over busy lifestyles. Kundalini yoga entails sitting still for periods of time and in recent years sheepskin has begun to be used as the yoga mat of choice.  Using a natural fibre with an even density for comfort that also has the benefit of keeping you at a pleasant, constant, temperature, enables you to focus on the meditative element of the practice. Sheepskins are incredibly durable, naturally non-slip and can also be machine washed (well, ours can!). It’s not surprising that celebrities such as Demi Moore have been spotted with sheepskin rolled inside the classic yoga mat. Skyeskyns yoga mat Questions have been raised about how animal skin fits into a traditionally vegetarian or vegan lifestyle where there is a strong focus on purchasing sustainably sourced goods but given that sheepskin is a by-product of the meat industry, many believe in making use of it rather than it being discarded. Man-made fibre yoga mats are often produced in an unsustainable fashion and even those billed as ‘eco’ mats are rarely particularly durable which means they require regular replacing.  Sheepskin seems the obvious choice for the discerning yogi! Skyeskyns yoga mat Skyeskyns British sheepskin is ideal for yoga practice as, unlike many other sheepskins on the market, they are machine washable. With over thirty years of experience in sheepskin tanning, our family business can guarantee that our skins have been sourced ethically and processed sustainably. Why not stand out from the crowd at your next class with a comforting and supportive sheepskin from Skyeskyns.