Team Essence – The Rogues of Ocean Rowing

March 14, 2016

Back in January we were contacted via Twitter by ‘Team Essence’ a group of extreme adventurers about to embark on an unbelievable journey in aid of NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).   On the 7th of February the five friends began the epic journey from Lagos, Portugal to mainland Venezuela a total of 3807 miles.  The ex-Royal Marine and Special Forces professionals were by no means experienced rowers before undertaking training.  The current record for this unusual route is 52 days, the team are rowing two hours on, two hours off 24 hours a day.

Enduring this kind of physical labour has and still is taking its toll on the bodies of these men – hence the initial contact with Skyeskyns.  After doing his research Aldo Kane contacted us for some sheepskin to provide padding and protection on the seats, and pedals of their boat Ellida.  Little did we know the extreme comfort that we were going to be supplying.

The sleeping deck of the boat is completely air tight for safety reasons.  This causes extreme condensation.  The plush beds that the team thought would be a little piece of luxury for break times are continually soaked, causing sores to their already painful bodies.  Our sheepskin are supplying great comfort as sleeping mats due to a natural ability to absorb water and providing support to wounds by preventing overheating.  To add ‘salt to the wounds’ so to speak  during a storm on day 17 the boat capsized 180° meaning 3 of the 5 crew lost their shoes and other possessions.  We are informed that the boys now have scraps of our sheepskin on their feet as make shift shoes.

We are really hopeful that the effort that this team are putting in pays off, their determination to complete this challenge is almost unhuman!  Fundraising for a hugely important charity along the way.

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