Rocky’s Blog Petmat Review

March 31, 2015

Description of the Skyeskyns Pet Mat:
“The Skyeskyns Pet Mats come in 3 different sizes; Small, Medium and Large.

The smallest Pet Mat, the neck end of the skin, is a triangle shape with a base of 40cm and a height of 40cm. The middle sized Pet Mat, the bottom half of a skin, is approximately a rectangle shape of 60cm by 50cm.The largest Pet Mat is a full sized skin, measuring 90cm by 60cm. The Pet Mats come in 2 different colours; white and brown.

As the Pet Mats are second quality skins they may be misshapen, have small defects and possibly paint markings. They in no way effect the ability as a pet mat.

If needed, the Pet Mat can be wahsed on a 30°C wool cycle, using a recommended wool wash.”


 The Pet Mat we have received for Rocky is a Medium White Pet Mat.


When I first opened the Pet Mat I was very positively surprised. The Pet Mat is just so unbelievably soft that I couldn’t take my hands off it. The quality is also very good and one can easily tell that it has been made with a lot of effort and care. The size is also perfect for Rocky.
Rocky was straight away very happy with his Pet Mat. He started sniffing the Pet Mat as soon as I put it down for him and he genereally seemed very interested. He seemed immediately comfortable on the Pet Mat and took it on as his new bed without hesitation. I really like that the Pet Met is so soft and fluffy as it seems as if Rocky is sleeping on a soft puffy cloud. 100% of comfort and warmth which is exactly what Rocky loves.
I am so amazed by the softness of the Sheepskin that I was even tempted to steal off Rocky to use for myself. 
Everyone who ever though about getting a Sheepskin Bed for their dog should definitely have a look at Skyeskyns as their Pet Mats are of amazing quality and simply super soft. I also like that they are washable if need be. 

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