Lots of parents swear by sheepskin rugs for their kids, whether in the nursery, pram, car seat, or living room. In other parts of the world, people have been using sheepskin for kids for centuries thanks to their ability to keep children warm in winter but comfortable and dry in the heat. Have a read through our ideas of how to get the most out of your baby fleece or sheepskin.

  1. Our short-staple baby fleeces are an essential that once tried, most parents wouldn’t be without. Our own kids used them for supervised napping and still use their baby sheepskins for sitting on at their desks now, 12 years on! These naturally temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic fleeces are cropped short so are practical for washing and drying. Throw them through the wash at 40 degrees on the wool cycle and hang them to air dry in case of any spillages or worse!

Parents find sheepskins great for encouraging tummy time as babies enjoy the soft touch of the wool in their hands.

2. Montessori mamas often choose natural fleeces for floor-based activities. As our babes grew into toddlers and were learning to sleep in their own beds, we used our bigger sheepskins next to their low cot beds as an extra soft landing. They make a style and eco-conscious addition to any nursery.

3. Soften up the inside of a reading den or indoor tent with a sheepskin fleece to create a warm, inviting nook for your wee ones. Every den that we’ve ever made has had the floor covered with sheepskins!

4. If you have wood or hard floors at home, scatter some single skins around. Our own living room has a wooden floor and the kids always grab a sheepskin each whether they’re snuggling in for a movie, making a space for Lego building sessions or cosying up with the next chapter of Harry Potter by the fire.

5. Take them with you for a home from home feel! Once you’ve slept on a sheepskin in a tent, there’s no going back either. They really come into their own warming the campfire seat and reflecting back your body heat at night when sleeping. The kids always settle better when we remember to take them away with us.

6. From a sensory perspective, I’ve always been amazed at how quickly the kids calm down when they sit or lay on a soft sheepskin fleece. Natural fibres are great for helping anyone regulate their emotions and wool is particularly comforting. For that reason, we often opt to sit on the floor on the big sheepskin for bedtime stories.

7. A perfect and thoughtful gift for any teen, a sheepskin can be moved around the bedroom creating style or adding a touch of glamour to any décor. Teens will love sitting in them for gaming, studying, watching or reading and they might just help persuade tired toes to get out of bed in the morning too!