Johnstons of Elgin & Skyeskyns

June 9, 2015
As many of you are aware we are very proud to work with well-known brand Johnstons of Elgin.  As family businesses with similar values, we welcome this connection with a fellow Scottish textile company.
Skyeskyns now sells a stylish range of Johnstons of Elgin lambswool travel rugs, and cashmere clothing for both men and women.  Johnstons of Elgin have been making fine woollen cloth, knitwear, cashmere and accessories since 1797.  With hundreds of years of experience Johnstons now supply many retailers and designers.
Skyeskyns was established a little later in 1983!  The two families later met and in 2013 welcomed Ian Urquhart from Johnstons of Elgin and his daughter, Jenny Holdsworth, as guests of honour for a 30th Anniversary celebration when we established our business connection.

We now stock a wide range of seasonal scarves from full cashmere gingham stoles to light patterned Merino’s.  Each season members of the Skyeskyns team meet with a Johnstons of Elgin representative to choose a complementing range of stock for our 5* showroom.

If you fancy having a look for yourself the Skyeskyns showroom is open 7 days a week throughout the year.    Alternatively our range is available via our online shop, or by clicking the Johnstons of Elgin logo below.