As you know, we're all about comfort and Coorie.  Cosy is us!

We've asked Siobhan Doherty, whose popular Instagram blog photos @home__stead should be familiar to some of you, to share her design and colour know-how on making your home super cosy this season, featuring some photos from her beautiful home in Edinburgh.  Enjoy! 


As autumn begins to appear on the trees outside, 
there is a gentle nudge to return indoors and createa cosy place you want to spend time in.

Two years ago in October we went to the Isle of Skye on holiday & spent it in the most beautiful accommodation. It was there that we were introduced to Skyeskyns. The house had lots of sheepskin rugs dotted around and it was the ultimate luxury having that cosy warmth underfoot.

In this post I am going to share with you some tips on how to create a cosy home this autumn.

My first piece of advice would be to prepare your room just like you would do yourself before going out in the cold by layering with warmth.  You can achieve this with soft furnishings e.g a sheepskin rug over an armchair, some scatter cushions on the sofa, cosy throws etc.

But you can also layer with furniture!
If you put a sofa against a bare wall it might feel a bit drab. But if you layer the wall with a sideboard behind the sofa & add some side lighting for ambience it will create a calm, cosy and warm space that you want to stay in.

Soft lighting dotted around the room is another lovely way to bring in warmth. Floor lamps, side lamps & a nice task lamp in a reading corner is a great idea! Oh and, always have a little side table next to your armchair to sit your cup on.

The choice of colour has a massive impact on the feel of a room. It is important to give a lot of consideration to this decision making process. Buy samples! Choose a colour with a warm underlying tone, consider your woodwork. Perhaps you would like to paint it in the same colour as the walls to create a calm, cosy and warm feel.

A natural white or creamy cappuccino sheepskin is just the ticket here.

Now light candles, put on your woollen socks, relax & appreciate being at home.
Best wishes,