Summer is always a pretty amazing time of year on Skye. The flora is in full bloom, with wildflowers, emerald grass and heather springing up everywhere later. Fauna is all around. The sea takes on very different hues and even on a poor weather day, the light is very special. It is a magical, almost dream-like place.

Our sheepskins are of and from this landscape and we’d encourage you not to tiptoe around them: they are strong, natural products and made to last. We like to take them outside and use them to turn wherever we go into somewhere a little more comfortable and special. That’s what sheepskin rugs, throws and accessories can do: turn your house into a home, transform your home into somewhere even more special, cosy, stylish, comfortable, somewhere more like your dream space.

This was the aim of our travels around the island this Summer (2019): visiting places we love, looking at them with fresh eyes, slowly and carefully, enjoying them, sometimes with the people and pets we love most, creating our own little dream space with our sheepskins.

Here is some of what we got up to...

A different angle.... (North West Skye, Dun Beag Broch near Struan)

Our favourite things (North West Skye, near Dunvegan)

Life slows down on Skye. Islanders have something called “Skye time”: whilst things may take a little longer, they are often done with extra care and attention. We’d encourage you to forget the destination bucket lists: take your time to travel to fewer places, see better and explore where you are in more depth.

Summer adventures (North West Skye, near Dunvegan)

So we travelled to places we know but maybe don’t spend enough time in or don’t capture them in the same way. We photographed them and filmed from a drone, using the skills of our head tanner Pete Photography was by Lynne Kennedy, whose mastery of people in landscapes is evident in her elopement photography work . And we made it very Skyeskyns: members of the team, children, dogs, family….

We hope you will enjoy or have enjoyed our Skye summertime wanders, at the slow pace this beautiful island of ours deserves.

Our dream space? (South Skye, towards Sleat)