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  1. Welcoming the Hebridean Baker

    The Hebridean Comes to Skyeskyns The Hebridean Baker has built up quite a following on social media, due to his combination of stories, songs and delicious recipes. The man behind...

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  2. Growing Trees

    Growing Trees

    We’ve made some big leaps forward along our path to netZero over the last few years. Switching from a finite, extractive mineral resource to sustainable tree bark (mimosa) to tan...

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  3. Join our February Challenge

    Join our February Challenge

    "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort"Jane Austen Many of us, over the last year, have spent far more time at home than we normally do.  This...

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  4. Help us plan for Skyeskyns reopening.

    Help us plan for Skyeskyns reopening.

    The last few months have been "unprecedented" to use a popular term and we have all had to make changes and adapt. Thanks to your support, we are now planning...

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  5. Boxing Day Sales

    Boxing Day Sales

    Boxing Day Sales Get a little something for New Year or that extra Christmas treat with our Boxing Day sale. Valid from 26th to 27th December 2019 at midnight over...

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  6. Introducing the Mimosa Collection

    Introducing the Mimosa Collection

    BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE SCOTTISH SHEEPSKINS Made by nature, enhanced by Skyeskyns. One of our very first Mimosa Collection sheepskin, photographed for us earlier this year. This week, we are launching...

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