August 9, 2017


 So, the weather on Skye has turned positively autumnal and we are talking all things Hygge in preparation for cosying up for longer nights. So, what is Hygge (pronounced, HOOGAH) and what does it have to do with us?  For those of you who have missed the outpouring of international appreciation for this Danish lifestyle craze, in simple terms, Hygge is about snuggling up and taking a moment.  It’s all about appreciating the simple and small pleasures in life whether that’s a hot mug of cocoa and a good book by the fireside or a big bowl of something scrummy shared with friends as the sun sets and the candles are lit.  Danes are considered to be the happiest people in the world and many claim it’s all down to Hygge.



 We had a crack at capturing a slice of this happy atmosphere in our pop-up tea yurt this year where we teamed armfuls of sheepskins draped over Eames chairs and a wood burning stove, with some contrasting minimal OSB tables, a bar and some tins of wildflowers. We waited for the wind to whistle around the canvas so we still felt connected to the incredible landscape around as we sipped on our freshly ground coffee and a tucked into a wedge of home-made chocolate Guinness cake.  Smiles all round= Job done!!  


 Check out Kevin (of the legendary MacKinnon family from Dunvegan) catching some hygge on board his fishing boat. For us this just sums it up perfectly; a brew, a candle, some sheepskins and somewhere comfy and cosy to sit whilst still appreciating the natural world.  Perfect!

 Hygge just somehow feels right up here in the far-flung Highlands of Scotland where we share all sorts of cultural similarities with our Scandinavian cousins (you only need to look at our place names to spot the Norse and Viking connection).  We also share a love of good story-telling which may have something to do with those long and dark winter nights… 



 Whether you wrap it round you Jon Snow-(Game of Thrones)-style, lounge on it by a roaring fire or soften your office chair with it, grab your sheepskin, ditch your phone, pick up a good book and just enjoy a moment of escape!

 So what’s that unpronounceable Danish happiness philosophy got to do with Skyeskyns and the islands then?

 Well, quite a lot as it turns out.