Campaign For Wool Week Woolly Hat Day!

September 10, 2015

Today (Friday Oct 9th) is Woolly Hat Day in association with the Campaign for Wool Week 2015.
The team at Skyeskyns have been sporting some funky woolly hats by suppliers such as Eribè and Green Grove Weavers all day.  Thankfully, or not so, dependant on how you look at it the weather has been ‘dreich’ here in Waternish, Skye today making the hats a cosy addition.  

So…what’s it all about?

On Friday 9th October, The Campaign for Wool will be supporting ‘Woolly Hat Day’ in support of ‘The Mission to Seafarers’ charity that provides care for seafarers around the world. Across the UK, The Campaign for Wool will encourage its partners, retailers and wool lovers to put on their finest woolly hats to raise money and support this important cause. – See more at: Join the crew!

Campaign for Wool 2015


Skyeskyns has been a supporter of the Campaign for Wool since it was founded in 2010 to raise awareness of the benefits of using wool.  Educating on the versatility of this natural fibre as well as increasing demand and importantly price gained by our farmers.  This campaign has been extremely successful and going by the global press this week 2015 has been another promising year with new countries getting involved.  

We feel that the work done by the Campaign for Wool has been of huge importance to our industry over the past few years.  With lots of success stories from our customers who have been using sheepskin and wool products for a wide variety of uses including; decor, medical support, baby care, keeping warm, and looking stylish!    

Want to support the campaign?