Last weekend Skyeskyns featured in the 'Better Homes & Gardens' segment of The Saturday Telegraph (6th December). The article was headed with the above photograph showing a sumptuous Norse sheepskin in front of a wood burning stove. The image complements luxurious natural interior surroundings with the grey toned skin, and not to mention the view of tranquillity here in Waternish, Skye.

Skyeskyns bring these silky soft Norwegian fleeces from Bergen to add an international flavour to the extensive range of British, hand-finished sheepskins. These natural beauties come from the Spaelsau breed; known as the original Norse sheep. Bread for meat in Norway the Spaelsau has declined in numbers in the past, now equating to 22% of the countries sheep population. The speciality of this wool is down to an outer longhaired silky wool layer covering a super soft inner layer from the elements. This gives us a feel that seems continually changing as the wool glosses through the hands, with a look of textured depth. It is this texture that softens hardwood flooring, or leather furnishing. The often curled wool is generally naturally grey in colouration. However, the tones can be very different. Ranging from the mist colour of a winters sky, to more charcoal and brown tones, giving each individual lambskin an eclectic edge. The one synonymous factor of this product is the leather. Each skin tanned to precision by hand in a long running family tannery – much like Skyeskyns. The expertise and tanning know-how obviously work to perfection as each pelt has a fantastically smooth finish with the durability of our British breeds. As with our own, the Norse can be washed on a gentle wool cycle in the washing machine and dried naturally to clean. Skyeskyns do not always have availability of Norse skins due to the nature of the breed. The Norse generally come in two sizes; Large £275, Extra Large £295.