Another of our most frequently asked questions when we show visitors our carefully curated selection of sheepskin rugs in our shops is ‘What do people use sheepskin for?’ We love this question as the answer is ‘pretty much anything!’ Here is our guide to using sheepskin rugs in your home.

  • 1. On a chair…

Almost any chair can be enhanced with the addition of a sheepskin. They add a layer of texture and some real animal comfort, creating an inviting seating option. In our house, visitors always gravitate to the seat that has sheepskin on it, whether it’s a double fleece draped along the back of the sofa, softening a hardwood seat or some extra cosiness on a fabric snuggler. The joy of natural wool is its ability to add a touch of luxury all year round due to its natural temperature regulating properties.

  • 2. On the floor…..

This might seem like the obvious location for a rug but a lot of people are surprised to learn that sheepskins work fabulously on all kinds of flooring from polished concrete to carpet.

The leather underside to your sheepskin will also create a gentle vacuum against a hardwood floor and so grips without the need for other backings, staying in place wherever you decide to throw it down.

It goes without saying that they’re delightful to sink your toes into in the morning and help make getting out of bed that little bit easier. A handy tip if your age ends in -teen!

  • 3. For the kid’s room….

My kids use their sheepskins constantly. They’re moved about and used for cosying up reading and movie corners, sat on for lengthy rounds of monopoly and Lego building, snuggled on for audio books. From a sensory perspective, I’ve always found that our (sometimes wild) children visibly calm down when they sit or lie on the wool fleece. After a day of being stuck indoors, or to help unwind from that after-tea energy rush at the end of the school day, we always read stories on the big sheepskin. They’ve found them soothing since they were born.

Each of our kids started out as babies with their own baby fleece as these are so easily washable with their dense, cropped staple but as they’ve grown they’ve adopted the bigger sheepskins and use them for just about any play ideas.

  • 4. In the gaming zone…..

Gamers have specially designed chairs to help them get lost in the fun of their virtual world but not all gaming seat options come with breathable mesh and many are synthetic so kick the comfort up a level by throwing a sheepskin rug on the chair. The sheepskin will stop you getting clammy and keep your temperature perfect whilst you play. Some gamers even opt for our giant sheepskin beanbags for the ultimate place to recline!

  • 5. As a pet bed….

Let’s not forget about our fur babies! Dogs and cats get huge enjoyment out of sheepskin mats for sleeping and relaxing on. Sheepskins make a style conscious alternative to less-attractive dog beds. They wash and dry brilliantly (check out our care for your sheepskin blog here) meaning they are a practical and sustainable alternative to synthetic materials for pet beds. The wool wicks away any moisture from wet fur and reflects body heat to create a warm solace, helping keep animals content and relaxed.

  • 6. As a throw

The big pieces we stitch together range from doubles, triples, quads, sixers, octos and mosaics. These don’t just work as statement floor rugs. Try throwing these over sofas or beds for some style that will be the perfect finishing touch in any room.

  • 7. Seat pads

We’ve talked about adding a full single skin to chairs but a great option for dining rooms and bar stools is the sheepskin seat pad. We make these in a range of colours to suit your interior. Add some extra comfort to rattan or metalwork bar stools and some elegance to dining rooms. A simple way to create an on-trend and welcoming vibe. 

  • 8. Photography prop

Whether you’re a professional wedding or baby photographer or a grid savvy social user, a sheepskin makes a gorgeous, textured, prop for all kinds of dreamy photo captures whether indoors or out.

  • 9. By the hearth

For the ultimate coorie-in or hygge feel, just throw down a sheepskin by the fireside. We love our Norse sheepskin beside our wood burner but a straight edged triple sheepskin or mosaic fleece looks made for a moment or two spent with a glass of red by an open fire. Oh, did we mention they were naturally fire-resistant? This means they also work as a practical but beautiful way to protect your flooring from sparks.

  • 10. In the bathroom

Lots of our customers use their fleeces on the bathroom floor as a decadent alternative to a traditional bath mat. Sheepskin is naturally super absorbent, just hang to air dry after use. An easy way to add a little glamour to any shower room!