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Auchternaewye Produce

Wasteland brought to life

Daniel Roberts grew up on a smallholding which was lost when his parents divorced, having struggled with mental health his whole life he decided to quit his job and buy a croft in 2015.

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Daniel’s croft is in Cornhill, Aberdeenshire. He bought 22 acres of waste land and these are his first sheep ready.

He chose Jacobs, Soays and pigs to try and get down the 30 years of scrub and improve the ground with minimal input.

All the animals gets some feed during the colder months and a little shelter in the woods, where they can also eat the willows that have gone sideways in the wind. Daniel sells meat boxes direct at Auchternaewye Produce with zero waste wherever possible.

Why we love it

  • Regenerating the land using livestock farming.
  • Highlighting the benefits of working the land for mental health.
  • Jacob sheep, one of our favourites breeds: ancient, hardy and beautiful
  • A zero waste, in tune with the environment approach to farming.


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